Chair: Maarten Grasveld

Secretary: Alice Grasveld

Treasurer: Robert Bolleurs

Member: Annelies Kraaijenhagen-Oostinga

Member: Britte Teunissen-Korving



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You can support the HTF in several ways:

•    Enroll as a (student) volunteer at a HTF project. We are always looking for people who are willing to work in a team in primary schools to carry out action research or give prevention classes and, when possible, can supply dental care. We are not only looking for dental care or dental hygiene students, we would also like to be in touch with people from other backgrounds such as Public Health, Dental Public Health, Nursing, International Health Studies or (Medical) Antropology.

•    You can make us happy with preventative means such as toothbrushes, toothpaste or dental appliances.


•    Most of all, you can support us by making a financial contribution for one of our coming projects on (NL56ABNA0834508982) under the name of The Healthy Teeth Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands.
You can also make a donation via tikkie

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